Trees can be majestic and beautiful things, with their lush green leaves, colourful flowers and fruits. Simply observing the beauty of trees around us can give us a serene and relaxing feeling. However, trees can be dangerous to a property when their dead branches or their trunks began to fall on power lines, and so on. More than just enhancing the overall aesthetical value of your property, tree removal services ensure a safe environment. Trav offers diverse range of tree care and maintenance services ranging from stump removal to tree trimming in Melbourne.

Tree and stump removal can give you a cleaner and healthier lawn by removing unsafe roots that may cause tripping hazards. If any fungal decay is inspected in any part of the tree, cutting that part right away will prevent the spreading down of damage to remaining parts. Give a new look to your backyard and garden with Trav’s tree and stump removal in Melbourne.

Not just for enhancing the beauty of your property, but our skilled arborist in Melbourne can help you get rid of large tree stumps from your lawn. Carrying out the stump removal services in timely manner helps to prevent suckering and fungal root rots. Equipped with the right technology, tools and expertise, Trav can deal with the problem of inconvenience and unsightly tree stumps in an effective manner without breaking your budget.

We care about your safety and health of your trees, that is why all our tree removal services ensure absolute commitment to customer satisfaction and value. No need to bother about your location, as Trav’s areas of stump removal service includesGreensborough, Templestowe, Eltham, Doncaster and surrounding areas.

Have you been searching for a tree cutting services in Melbourne? Or you just need tree lopping to modify the shape and symmetry of your trees? Worry no more, whether it is for tree pruning or trimming, our arborist can tackle it all.
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