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When you hire Travs Tree Services to remove trees on your property, you’re taking on the risk that some of the workers involved could be injured. Large branches can fall while being cut down and it’s not easy to tell where they’ll fall. Tree and Stump removal may involve heavy machinery or digging roots out of the ground. The tools involved have potential hazards even if the workers that use them are well trained.

Insurance Saves Money for Everyone

As the homeowner, you’ll want the company coming to help you to insure their workers but if you’re a horticulture specialist that employs help, you will also need insurance for their protection and to save money for your company as well as your clients. Accidents happen and you can’t predict when or how so insurance protects you in all of these situations.

Grant Safety and Peace of Mind

Whether you’re a homeowner or a horticulture specialist employing tree removal workers, OHS compliant insurance grants peace of mind for all involved. More than that, you’ll be improving work conditions and service in many ways such as:

  • Being able to employ higher calibre workers because they are trained and well versed in safety conditions and proficient in operation of the machines needed.
  • The job will get done faster without sacrificing service to the client or workmanship of the professionals.
  • Insured workers are happy workers and happy workers are nicer to clients. They’ll work with each other more pleasantly when their working conditions are good.
  • Clients are more likely to hire a company with insured workers for their tree removal needs because they’ll have the peace of mind that they won’t be blamed or fiscally responsible for accidents that may occur.
  • Watch your business grow when you have insurance! Clients are more likely to keep hiring you and to recommend you to friends when your workers are insured and they get the job done quickly, safely, and with absolute professionalism.

Double Check the Requirements

OHS and insurance compliance can vary depending on location. we check and double check what the requirements are in the locations where you live or where the arborists you employ will be sent. We check when and if paperwork needs to be submitted on an annual or quarterly basis so we can show you and employees the necessary paperwork that proves you have up to date insurance.

Work Smart

Having OHS compliant insurance allows you to work smart. This means that you’re giving workers and clients’ peace of mind, allowing the conditions that foster a peaceful and happy working environment, and giving the best chance for efficient job completion. As an employer, you’ll be able to take more jobs and keep repeat clients. As a property owner, you’ll be hiring the best company for your tree removal needs. Contact us today to learn about our OHS compliant insurance and how we will always bring you the best service in for your horticulture necessities.

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