Removal Tree Service

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Quick and Efficient Removal Tree Service

Is Your Tree A Bother?

With our removal tree service, you can completely get rid of trees that have become somewhat of a problem. If your tree is unsuitable for its present location, as a result of its size, where its roots, trunk and even branches are constituting a danger to lives and property, then pruning, trimming or lopping may not be sufficient. A complete removal of the tree would suffice and Trav’s Tree Services are ever ready to assist you in getting rid of such a tree with consummate ease.

Protect Other Surrounding Plant Life

It is possible that your tree has serious fungal infection that can quite easily spread to other plant life in the surrounding area. If this is the case, then you will need to have it removed and quickly too. We will ensure that the tree is quarantined and effectively uprooted without any risk of the further spread of the fungal infection to surrounding plant life.

Reduce Damage to Property

Your tree may have roots that are causing damage to pathways, driveways and surrounding man-made structures. The trunk and branches of your tree may also cause significant damage to structures by pressing hard against buildings, fences or by even interfering with overhead power lines. In these instances, it would be advisable to completely remove the tree before any major damage occurs.

We Remove Trees with Care

At Trav’s Tree Services, we are fully aware of the potential hazards involved when trying to completely remove a tree. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals will ensure that in removing the tree, the danger of injury or death, as well as the risk of damage to property is at the bearest minimum and as an added security, we insure lives and property up to $20,000,000 Australian dollars.

Flexible Tree Removal Costs

We are very flexible with our cost of removing trees. Moreover, our quote is based on two major considerations that include the size of the tree in question and the extent of work required to remove it. Once an assessment has been made and you are provided a quote, you can be sure that we will not burden you with any extra costs or hidden charges either during or after the removal of the tree.