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Cable bracing can be used to correct trees that have stray branches threatening to damage your property or ones that are growing in a tilted manner that denotes they will soon fall. This method is a good alternative to tree removal and starting all over again. It can be used to stabilise trees that are weak or guide young plants to grow upward instead of to the side. Are there plants on your property that are in need of cable bracing?

Cable Bracing, What Does it Do?

This concept for stabilising plant life is very simple. A cable is attached to the problem trees or branches with guides for the plants to grow through in the right direction. These are also attached to braces away from the trunk or branches so that tension forms to keep everything in place.

How Do I Know I Need This System?

Travs Tree Services can help you best assess the situation with the plant life on your property with a visit and a quote. If you want to check how things are growing yourself before you decide to give us a call, look for these signs:

  • Branches are leaning as they grow and threatening property damage but haven’t encroached yet in any dangerous way.
  • A young sapling needs support until its trunk is larger.
  • You transplant a tree that is having trouble taking root.
  • You’re growing border foliage around the edge of your yard and want to make sure everything grows only up instead of tilting.
  • Soft ground enables the roots to take hold but tilting is still an issue until the ground hardens.
  • Providing support for branches that have been grafted.

What Won’t Work with Corrective Cable Bracing?

If you can get to the branches and trunks that are beginning to bend and tilt before they become a problem, this system will work. However, if the plants are already older and well rooted, they might be past the prune and shape stage and cable bracing won’t help them. In these cases, it is safer and less hassle to simply go with tree removal.

Inquire Today

There isn’t any one specific way to decide if this system will work for the plant life on your property or if you even need it in the first place. We can help you find out if this is the case and present all of the other options available to fix the problem.

Inquire today and our horticulture specialists will be able to assist you in determining the best way to proceed.

To book an arboriculture appointment, speak to a horticulture specialist, or request a report, give us a call today at 1800 165 405.

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