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Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal

Owning property comes with its maintenance including removing dead trees and what they leave behind. When a tree is removed, the structure is usually cut above ground level leaving behind a root structure and the trees stump.

A stump left above ground level can be a hazard and attract nasty pests and insects like bees and wasps. It also makes a great home for larger pests and fungus on your property.

Our skilled arborist can help you get rid of large tree stumps from your lawn with our tree stump Melbourne services. This will allow for the area to be safe and ready for your plans whether it’s planting, paving the area, or landscaping.

Carrying out the stump removal services in a timely manner helps to prevent suckering and fungal root rots which can leave holes and hollows underground, or produce a rotting smell as the root breaks down.

Equipped with the right technology, tools and expertise, our stump removal service team can deal with the problem of inconvenience and unsightly tree stumps in an effective manner without breaking your budget.

Remove a large tree stump involves heavy equipment and experience best left to the experts. Our tree stump removal services ensure absolute commitment to customer satisfaction and value with a full site clean up when we are done.

Stump Removal Process

Tree Stumps can be removed in a variety of ways. Without talking to you about your requirements, the time frame and your goals with the newly reclaimed area, it’s difficult to choose the right method. Below are a few different techniques that can help you rid of your stump.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is the process used to remove a large stump with heavy stump grinding equipment. This equipment can be hired separately but is best operated by a trained professional.

This option is ideal when you want less damage to the surrounding area. The stump grinding process involves using specialist equipment to surface grind the above section of the stump until it is just below ground level. This allows you to lay grass over the area, but it doesn’t remove the root system, or the majority of the stump. If you plan on replanting or laying paving over the old stump, it’s important to note the area may sink over time as the tree stump decomposes.

Removing The Stump Completely

Another option is using heavy equipment to dig out the roots and remove the whole section from the ground. This is the best option when working with an area that will be landscaped and leaves you with a nice level area to work with.

Because the surface roots and stump is completely removed, there should be minimum risk of sink spots over time.

Removing The Stump With Chemicals or Fire

Using chemicals to speed up the rot for the stump can take upto 6 weeks to take effect. At that stage you will be required to take to it with an axe and break away any section you want to dispose of. This is the long process and will not remove the full root system. Burning your tree stumps brings a similar result.
Stump grinding and tree surface root removal is a specialised job requiring the right team and equipment. Give Trav’s Tree Services a call for a free no obligation quote and some expert advice for tree stump removal in Melbourne.

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