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Enjoy an Excellent Stump Removal Service

Every day we are exposed to one form of danger or the other. One hazard that raises some concern is trip hazard caused by tree stumps and protruding roots. With our stump removal service, you can avoid endangering the health and lives of family, friends, neighbours and even that of a passerby due to trip incidents and accidents caused by your tree stumps and their roots. Safety in your home and neighbourhood is your responsibility and Trav’s Tree Services are on-hand to assist you in this regard.

Prevent Fungal Spread

When you have a tree stump that has not being removed, you increase the risk of any fungal infection emanating from the stump spreading to other trees and plant life within your environment. This can be a major concern, as fungal infections can be stubborn and difficult to contain when the spread is wide and extensive. We will uproot all tree stumps in your vicinity using modern equipment and techniques to ensure that there is no further spread of the fungal infection. You will however need to secure a permit from your local council before our services can be deployed, but this is just to ensure that no laws are broken while we help you remove the stump.

Safety Is Our Watchword

Safety to lives and property is of paramount importance to us when we remove tree stumps. We know that large trees may have roots that can damage driveways, pathways, lawns, gardens, and even buildings. We always deploy the best industry practices to ensure that as we dispose of the tree stump, there is a minimal risk of damage to other private and public property. We also ensure that we create safe zones and provide enough caution signs and barriers to warn people of the impending danger and protect them from harm during the tree stump removal process.

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