Tree Pruning

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Tree Pruning Service

Pruning your trees can save time and money. If you’re unsure about a tree, give as a call for free advice.

Pruning Trees, also know as tree lopping, is important and can help increase the health of your trees.

Although beautiful and precious, trees can become a hazard if not looked after properly. Trees not pruned can become a real nuisance and very annoying! Not only will they start to obstruct paths and driveways but they will also fill your gutters with leaves creating a lot of maintenance and work for you. If trees are left un-pruned they will obstruct light coming through windows and possibly damage your property. Overhanging branches on to either your own property or neighbouring properties can easily be avoided with regular corrective pruning.

It is also important to keep your trees tidy by pruning to avoid loose or overhanging branches becoming dangerous in storms and severe weather conditions. Pruning and thinning of your trees is also the best option for keeping your house safe during bushfire season.

Tree pruning will not only enhance the visual beauty of your garden but also keep your trees sound and your property safe for you and your family. Call Trav today for professional advice on what is best for your trees when it comes to pruning.

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