Providing quality tree & stump removal in Melbourne for over 25 years

With so many Arborists in Melbourne why should you give Travs Tree Services a call?

The answer is quality workmanship and professionalism. Trav’s Tree Services is the industry leader for tree and stump removal in Victoria.We have been providing fully insured tree care and maintenance for over 25 years. Where not the best because we care about your trees, garden and vegetation, we also care about the experience you get from the time you contact us for pricing right through to a successfully completed job.

Whether you need a branch removed or advice on the health of your trees, one of our expert arborist will come and give you a free no obligation quote and advice on the next steps you should take.

If you choose us to service your trees we wont leave your property a mess and we wont spring any hidden cost on you either. Travis makes sure the whole experience is transparent while keeping you fully informed about dates, pricing and any risks that may be involved throughout the whole process.

Insured to $20,000,000 Australian Dollars

No matter who you choose to service your trees make sure they are completely covered for damages. Although it is highly unlikely a claim will ever be taken, peace of mind that your property is protected in the case of an accident shouldn’t be left to chance. Trav’s Tree Services are fully insured for all damages up to $20,000,000 meaning you and your property are fully covered.

Tree Removal Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Trav and his team’s cover a wide range of tree care services specialising in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs based out of Kew. Our team of professional tree surgeons are always happy to come evaluate the health or your tree, providing you with advice and a full no obligation quote for the services you require. 

Although trees live a long time they too eventually pass their use by date. When a tree dies it can remain in place for years providing shelter and a home to the wildlife surrounding. However, it’s not always that simple. Dead trees slowly rot away and have a tendency to weaken, increasing the danger for surrounding homes, foliage, gardens, vehicles and most importantly, people.

When this happens the best option is to remove the tree and stump from the ground. The timber, branches and foliage from the tree can be used as firewood or mulch while freeing up the area to either plant a new tree, develop the land, or free up some space on your property.

Commercial and Residential Tree Services

We provide both commercial and residential tree services with 100’s of successful tree removal jobs being completed in highly populated areas, as well as wide open parks and gardens. Tree Removal QuoteAll work is insured, ensuring you rest easy while the tree is being lopped or removed. No matter where your tree is, it can be removed safely with the right expertise and equipment, all of which can be accessed with one simple call to 1800 165 405

The Best Way To Get In Touch

If you require urgent tree removal due to a storm or high winds the best option is to call us during business hours on 1800 165 405. This will give us a chance to ask any necessary questions and work out the best time to come and view the job in a timely manor.

You can also get hold of us outside of business hours by sending us an email.

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Tree removal cover up to $20,000,000 AUD