Once you have made the decision to remove a tree, you also need to consider the stump. A stump left above ground level can be a hazard and also too nice a home for nasty pests and insects. It is best to get the stump expertly removed. This will allow for the area to be safe and ready for your plans whether it to be replanned, paved or landscape.

Tree stump removalTree roots can pose a nasty hazard especially for little or old feet to trip on. They can also interfere with other trees and plants around them. It is best to remove any surface tree roots before they create too many problems or damage.

Stump grinding and tree surface root removal is a specialised job requiring the right team and equipment. Trav and his team can expertly remove your stumps and roots for you in a safe and professional manner.

Of course, if Trav is also removing the tree grinding the stump is naturally the next step in the process.

Get rid of those unsightly stumps and exposed roots today!

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