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If doing your research become too overwhelming, and you feel like you still do not understand how to apply for a permit, contact Trav’s Tree Services on 1800 165 405. He can assist you in making sure you understand the requirements for getting rid of or trimming your trees for Monash. Another great benefit in contacting Nick is that he can help you by coming to your property and giving you a free first-time meeting to point out requirements you need to be aware of based on what you would like to accomplish. He is the leading expert in regulations regarding the City of Monash.

Monash Tree Removal Rules

If looking to get rid of trees on your property, you should get the proper documents for permission if your tree meets the requirements below:

  • Has a trunk circumference greater than 50cm, measured 1.2m above ground level AND
  • Is higher than 10m

There are a few exceptions to the rules:

You will not need to acquire a permit if:

The tree’s structure or branches are unsafe. That is if keeping the tree any longer will hurt a person or damage property. You will only be allowed to remove the part of the tree that poses an immediate threat without the planning permit.

  • If the tree poses an immediate risk of damage to property or personal injury, and only that part of the tree that presents the immediate risk is removed.

Please look into the VPOs before going ahead with the removal without a permit. You should also check the VPOs for trees that have died and those of the species listed below:

  • Willow Trees
  • Radiata or Monterey Pine Trees
  • Evergreen Alder Trees
  • Sweet Pittosporum Trees
  • Desert Ash Trees

Again, if you need professional assistance in understanding these exceptions, give Travs Tree Services a call at 1800 165 405. He will be happy to help you determine what types of trees you have as well as if you need a permit and how to get it.

What will an Arborist Report cost?
Trav’s Tree Services will be able to help you and provide up to date pricing on arborist reports over the phone. Call on 1800 165 405.

Remember: We understand how daunting this process can be, and we also want to make sure we help you out as much as we can with the correct information you will need when looking into getting a council permit. The information on this page was last updated in November 2016 and could change without warning to you.  Trav’s Tree Services cannot take any accountability for giving the wrong information on this page. We suggest that before you do anything, get in touch with your local council before starting the removal of any vegetation. Additionally, the information above should only be used as a guide.

The City of Monash is a constitutional government part of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The estimated area is 81 square kilometers with a population of 176,069.