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If you are looking to get rid of a tree that is more than 50 cm around and over a meter above the ground, you are going to need a planning permit.

To find more information, you can go to The City of Whitehorse Website and learn about the different overlays regulations. You will find information about Significant Landscape Overlays (SLO) and Vegetation Protection Overlays (VPO). These important regulations are put into place to protect the land, its vegetation, and heritage. The department can also be reached at (03) 9262 6333 if you are interested in speaking to someone.

IMPORTANT: We understand it is important to ensure you have information that is correct and recent. Going through the application process to acquire a permit can be time-consuming, so the information on the page has been updated as of February 2016. There is a possibility it could change without your notice. Travs Tree Services will be free from liability for information that is not properly displayed on this webpage. We suggest you communicate with the council prior to taking any vegetation off your property. You can certainly use what we have put on here, but it should only be used for general information.

The best advice is always to seek a processional opinion. Contact Trav’s Tree Services before removing a tree in the city of Whitehorse.