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There are many types of arboriculture issues that can occur on your residential or commercial property and when they do your options for taking care of it yourself are extremely limited. Travs Tree Service has creative solutions for all of your gardening needs so that you won’t have to consider the do It yourself options that can be very dangerous. Let us handle it and enjoy safe and efficient services for any kind of horticulture problem.

Insured Tree Removal Eltham

The desire to do things on your own most likely stems from the idea that other people might make the problem worse or that you could be responsible for any accidental injuries incurred by those that are hired to do the work. Trav’s Tree Services in Eltham ensures our work and our employees properly and this gives you the peace of mind to feel good about hiring us for your arboriculture needs.

Professional Eltham Arborist Services

Tree Removal ElthamYour issues may not revolve around removing trees but also shaping, pruning, and other services you may not have even thought of. Some of our services include:

  • Storm damage clean up
  • Cable bracing for young or tilting trees
  • Stump removal
  • Clear service lines
  • Remove problem foliage from a building site
  • General lopping, pruning, and shaping
  • Aesthetic trimming
  • Mulch
  • Hazardous tree removal

Before you decide on any of these services, consult with local authorities to find out if you’ll need a permit for the work you wish to be done. This will keep your timeline for the job intact and allow you to keep the appointment you make without consequence.

The Garden of Your Dreams

Creating your own space with the plants and foliage you’ve always hoped for seems like you’re asking for constant upkeep but that doesn’t have to be the case. Let our horticulture specialists help you get the space you’ve always wanted so that the rest of the gardening is only serene. When the dead pieces are cleared and the rest is pruned to your satisfaction, what remains are the parts of gardening you’ve always loved. We can do the heavy lifting and leave you with the garden of your dreams.

Call Today for Services on Your Property

Dead trees and stumps or branches that threaten to damage your property can become a cumbersome issue at any time, if they’re not already. The professionals in our service are available to answer your questions and help you find out what your gardening needs may be.

Whether you already know or you’re still deciding, we can assist in getting you the correct information for the services you require. Contact us today and inquire about the needs on your residential or commercial property.

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