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We know that you take pride in your property and when trees begin to encroach on the space where buildings are, the situation can be a bit frightening. Let us offer you the best arboriculture resolutions to your horticulture problems. We service all areas in Kew and employ experienced specialists committed to superior service.

There are several reasons why you may need a permit to allow tree loppers to perform services on your property. Before you proceed, it’s a good idea to contact us with your questions about this or find out from your town’s proper authority if there are restrictions in this area.

Kew Arboriculture Specialists

Our professionals at Travs Tree Services can provide you with all kinds of service, from hazardous tree and stump removal to repairing the damage from a storm and everything in between.

Some of our Kew services include:

  • Lopping
  • Aesthetic prune and shape requirements
  • Clearing old foliage from a site
  • Mulching and recycling wood
  • Service wire clearance
  • Cable bracing and other supports
  • Storm clean up and repair

If the service you require does not appear in this description, just ask! We offer creative solutions that can fix a multitude of issues so if you’re unsure of what you need, don’t hesitate to call anyway and we’ll work together to figure it out.

Fast, Reliable, and Safe Tree Removal in Kew

When it comes to trimming, tree and stump removal, and even pruning and shaping, there will be equipment involved that can be noisy and disruptive to your life and your neighbours. This means that you’ll want these services performed quickly and in a manner reliable to the time frame you have planned. We have the experts that can make sure you stick to your timeline and stay safe in the process. All of our services are insured so you can rest easy knowing that we can get the job done to your satisfaction.

Call Today for Assistance with Your Arboriculture Needs

Your property may be residential or commercial and we can handle it all! We can clear dead trees that can be re-purposed for firewood, mulch, or other projects. Large or small, dead foliage can become a huge problem for your home or buildings on a commercial property. Fallen branches or other plant life can not only damage property but also people.

The look of your foliage also matters even if there isn’t anything dead that can harm people or property. It’s important to you and it is to us as well. Call us today to speak with a horticulture specialist or arborist about all of your gardening needs. We are standing by to help you find the best solution to any issue you may have.

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