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Who We Are

We are staffed with qualified arborists with extensive knowledge and know-how to get the job done properly and efficiently. Trav’s Tree Services is one of the best removal providers in Melbourne. Whether the job is large or small, nothing is off limits, as customer satisfaction comes first.

Our arborists are individually trained in the planting, care, and maintenance of trees as arboriculturists. We are knowledgeable about trees and properly trained with the necessary equipment to effectively complete the work. Pruning, removing trees, and removing stumps should only be attempted by a professionally qualified arborist that knows how to safely maintain trees.

Tree Removal Melbourne

Why Choose Us?

Carrying a professional work ethic, we ensure all work is completed with the utmost integrity and excellence. Our arborists are individuals who have achieved the qualified credentials through experience in the art and science of tree care and have passed extensive examinations on tree maintenance.

There’s a vast difference between those who are able to trim trees and those who qualify to utilise the practices and techniques used by professional arborists. Some of the services advertised to only trim trees are not employed by highly skilled arborists and tend to practice unacceptable techniques not followed by modern arboricultural standards. These practices could possibly further damage, disfigurement, weaken, and even kill trees. Our team is employed by only those who have been professionally trained.

Safety comes first and foremost, and to guarantee it we make sure any work done is in accordance to OH&S procedures. We have full insurance with extensive public liability coverage, so you can rest easy knowing we are properly protected. Safety is a key component, for not only us but for your property, so we are as careful on your property as if it were our own.

We know trees hold an important role in the community, urban or rural, so caring for trees is crucial. Not only are they a provider of life for the wildlife in the vicinity, but they help reduce the effects of the heat produced by sunlight, that of the wind, pollen, humidity, and noise. But, when tree maintenance isn’t enough, removal is the next step, and we offer a range of removal services.

Trav’s Tree Services in Melbourne Victoria

We have many different service options, from tree removal to pruning, trimming, as well as stump grinding, mulching, site clearance, and tree stump removal. Sometimes removal is the only option when pruning and trimming cannot solve the issue. Trees can be dangerous as well, with possible branches and stumps near power lines that can encroach onto your home or property where it shouldn’t. We want to ensure you have a safe, habitable environment to enjoy without worrying of possible damages of a fallen, dead, or dying tree.

Tree Removal

Removal is typically necessary when a tree is dead or beginning to die, or a danger to those around. If a structure nearest a tree is in potential danger of the tree collapsing, or the tree is festering with disease and deteriorating from fungal decay, then it is advised to have your trees removed in Melbourne. Fungal decay can spread to neighbouring trees if not dealt with as quickly as possible.

We are able to begin removal with our highly skilled team safely and professionally with a security up to $20,000,000 in insurance coverage. Your property will be left in the same state it was in prior to removal, and we can help you decide what would best suit the area where the removal occurred.

Depending on the size and the difficulty in which the removal is, depends on how much the removal can typically cost. We also take into consideration the location of the tree, as well as the accessibility to it in the price. Be assured though that the removal process will be more professional and affordable than that of any competitor. Contact us for a quote, as we are a premier tree removal Melbourne service provider.

Stump Grinding

Trav's Tree Services removing a stump

Once tree removal has been decided, consideration for the stump itself needs to be made. Then, after the removal of the tree has been completed, the remains of a large stump sit in place—an opportunity for danger. Stumps and tree roots can serve as a hazard for those walking around, as large or little roots are easy to trip on. Roots can impede on neighbouring plant life, suffocating them out of the area, so stump grinding or root removal becomes a pertinent option. We advise to not wait too long, if there is a potential for overcrowding, or danger because of protruding stumps or roots, allow us to safely service your property. Contact us if there’s a need for an arborist in Melbourne, or in any of the surrounding areas.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can create hazards on a property, and with proper removal, a yard can be cleared up to become a safe environment once more. Fungal infection is a common cause for removal, as it affects the entire tree and can spread, but in some cases simply cutting part of the infected tree away may remedy the situation. When that isn’t quite enough, the next move is cutting down the tree so it doesn’t continue to spread its infection to the other plant life.

We are equipped with the right tools, technology, and services for the job and are able to efficiently remove any unsightly stumps without an issue. There is no need to stress of the location where the removal is, our service areas cover tree removal in Melbourne, Greensborough, Templestowe, Eltham, Doncaster, and surrounding areas.

OHS and Insurance

After hiring a tree removal service there is the risk that the workers on your property could be hurt with the surrounding foliage and branches. Using heavy machinery to cut down, dig up trees, and level stumps is a risky job, so there is a large window of opportunity for hazardous incidents to occur, even when proper technique and protocols have been followed.

There’s peace of mind knowing the workers coming to help are insured because accidents happen and having the right insurance can ensure everyone is protected.

We are an OHS compliant company with extensive insurance to cover all who arrive on site, providing a priceless peace of mind for everyone!

Contact us

Get in touch for the best tree services in Melbourne at even better rates. Send us some pictures or organise a quote for arborist services by contacting us here.

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