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//4 Red Lights That Call For A Tree Service Professionals

We all love tress and the aesthetic beauty they bring to our yards or homes. And just as they enhance the beauty of our outdoor landscape, they also need to be cared for so that they remain strong and healthy.

The simplest way to take care of your trees is to have them properly pruned and trimmed every so often within the year. However, caring for trees does not only involve pruning and trimming. In some cases, you may have your trees well pruned and trimmed as regularly as needed but still require a tree service professional.

At Travs Tree Service, we have identified a few red lights that you should hints to you it’s time to hire a tree service professional. In our line of service, we realized that most people ignore these indications and end up not spending a lot on controlling the damage arising thereof.

#1. Tree Branches Are Too Long

When the tree branches grow too long, it destroys their beauty, and a few other issues prop up. With too long branches, it becomes difficult to walk under the trees as some of the branches hang too low and even reduce the visibility of the surrounding landscape.

Some of the branches that have overgrown may reach rooftops of the garage, house or even electric wires which pose a greater risk, especially during very windy seasons. You need to get hold of your phone and call for help from a reliable and efficient tree service provider like Travs Tree Service Australia.

#2. You notice the tree looks a little weird, wrong or off the normal shape

Large Tree Trimming professionals

You need to call the tree professionals immediately you notice your tree has an odd shape from the normal one. It may have lopsided, assumed a leaning position, or have more branches concentrated on one side with very few left on other sides.

If left in any of these positions, it may be difficult to correct or treat when left in a cracked or broken state for long.

#3. You notice dead branches

Dead branches are a sign of a disease or mostly an insect infestation. If left unattended, the disease can spread and infect other areas and ultimately the entire tree. Furthermore, this can spread to other surrounding trees. If this is the case with your trees, you need tree service from trusted professionals. They’ll help either treat the tree, cut off the dead branches or perfume tree removal service if the tree(s) are severely damaged.

#4. There’s hardly any sign of sunshine when you look up through the canopies, standing under your tree.

If hardly any sunshine reaches you, then your tree needs to be thinned out. There should include some amount of sunlight reaching the ground under the tree. There needs to be enough air and sunlight under the tree, in the middle sections of the tree and through the canopies formed by the branches.

Here’s the rub pallet people…

It’s vital that you get help from a professional tree service provider when you notice any of the above indications in your tree. If you need help taking care of your tree or notice something you don’t understand, reach out to Travs Tree Services Australia to get assistance. We are professional tree service providers offering efficient and reliable tree removal and tree maintenance in Melbourne Victoria. Our services are certified, and we are insured to a tune of up to $20,000,000.

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