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The Many Benefits of Pruning

Why do people prune their trees, shrubs or hedges?

In horticulture, Tree pruning and tree lopping is a practice that changes the growth of a plant or tree. In many ways, it can be considered preventive maintenance because doing it properly will help younger plants grow correctly, shapely and help them flourish. This is also called developmental pruning.

So why is there a need to prune? There are several reasons why this is a necessity.

  1. Pruning promotes plant health – It removes dead or dying parts of trees that were caused by infestation, diseases or severe weather conditions. Pruning also removes unsightly branches or stubs. By removing diseased areas or dead branches, you are preventing fungi from further decaying and infecting the rest of the tree.
  2. Pruning maintains plants’ beauty – Pruning boosts flower development and enhances the beauty in special gardens.
  3. Pruning improves plant appearance – It is best to keep a plant’s natural form but when pruning is properly done, plant size and shape are controlled to keep it from growing weak branches.
  4. Pruning protects people and property – Pruning removes dead branches that may overhang near homes and other buildings. Pruning also removes branches that may interfere with public structures and utility lines or obstruct entry to your homes. It is sometimes, necessary to remove healthy branches to allow sunlight and proper air circulation.

Different types of pruning

Some of the more common types of pruning include:

  • Formative pruning – To help with the proper growth of a young tree
  • Selective pruning – This involves a specific part (side or under) to clear it from possible danger to people and property.
  • Canopy thinning – This involves selective removal of branches to allow light in through the canopy.
  • Deadwood – This removes dead branches from dropping to the ground.

Trav’s pruning service

Pruning trees, shrubs and hedges may sound complicated and arduous but it is one of the most important practices in tree care. Let Trav’s Tree Services pruning services take the hassle away from you and give you that landscape you’ve always dreamed of. Our professional arborist is always ready to help you prune and shape your shrubs and hedges. We also prune small to medium-sized trees and rose bushes, among others.

Call Trav at 1800 165 405  to book your job in today and for all your pruning inquiries.

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