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Tree Inspection Done Right

Whether it is for a single tree or for a whole land area of the trees you own, you may need to survey your site. If you require risk reduction advice on your property, Trav can help you. If it is the structural condition of the trees in your garden or the likelihood of damage or injury, call Travs Tree Services for a thorough inspection now.

Ground and aerial inspections

If you have a management plan for your trees, then you know that regular inspections are needed. A survey can be done by ground inspection or an aerial visual inspection.

  • Ground inspection – This is the most common type of assessment wherein information is gathered by looking at the condition of your trees from the ground. We look for damage and possible hazards and structural defects.
  • Aerial inspection – As the name suggests, information is gathered by having a look at the tree by climbing it and checking for information that cannot be seen from the ground. Other structural defects and hidden decay can be better seen and inspected after climbing.

What then can we call safe? Sometimes, it’s really hard to say before a thorough evaluation and assessment. But you can be assured that with the proper professional maintenance, you can have a safer tree.

What services can you expect?

Whatever is your need, our inspection services will be custom-made for you including the following:

  1. Preliminary inspection
  2. Detailed assessment and possible internal defect
  3. Identification of infestations and diseases
  4. Recommendations and plan of action

Post inspection report

After a thorough inspection, expect your certified arborist to give you a comprehensive report on your tree issues. These reports will have tables, vital information, pictures, survey results, a timetable of possible work and many more.

The reports will normally include the following details:

  • General condition of your trees
  • General health
  • Amount of deadwood
  • Pest infestation, disease, and fungi decay situation
  • Presence of hollow areas or defects
  • Structural strength including weak points
  • Shape and branch attachment
  • Stability and strength in case of windy or stormy conditions

Trav’s Tree Services can do inspection and surveys with our professional consultants who will furnish you with a sound and comprehensive report for your particular need. Call us now at 1800 165 405 to book an arboriculture appointment, speak to a horticulture specialist, or request an inspection.

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