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Tree Removal melbourne

Tree removal may be required if the tree has become unsuitable for its environment or a danger to its surroundings. This can happen if the tree was simply the wrong choice and has grown too big, or its branches have become hazardous. This can cause extensive damage to driveways, utilities, fences, paving and your property.

Travs Tree Removal Melbourne Services:

  1. Your tree has outgrown its environment
  2. Has died or become weak and hazardous
  3. The base of the trunk is producing excessive Fungi or mushrooms
  4. Bark is peeling or chipping/cracking on the trunk
  5. Branches in the upper crown are dead or falling
  6. The tree is leaning to far to one side
  7. Or if you simply require more space and would like the tree removed.

The Process

Removing a tree is a hazardous task that requires experience and skills. We have all seen images of trees crushing homes or vehicles. We make sure to bring the best heavy duty equipment for each tree removal and complete a full safety analysis of the area before ever lopping a branch or starting the tree removal process. Saftey is paramount with all tree cutting Melbourne services.

The Cost 

The cost for Melbourne Tree removal depend’s on the size of the tree and the degree of difficulty to remove it. The position on the property and the access to it also taken into consideration when quoting a tree removal prices in and around Melbourne.

In most residential tree removal jobs we will require heavy equipment including cranes to safely bring down large sections of the tree without damaging your property.

When you request a quote from Trav’s Trees a qualified arborist will come out to your location to provide you with information on the best technique to use to bring your tree down safely. This will always be explained to you in great detail when we provide an on site quote and a full price will be provided including everything from climbing, lopping, removing and finally site cleanup.

Future Proof Your Trees By Removing Heavy Branches

Heavy branches that can be downed any moment by heavy wind can trouble the residents. Tree lopping can make safe a risky situation. Travis and his team are experienced tree loppers who know how to take care of your tree lopping in a safe way.

Getting on the phone is the best way to learn more about our tree lopping Melbourne services.

Why Us

Tree removal is a complex and potentially dangerous job, for your safety and those around you it’s best to leave it to the professional tree surgeons. Our services are fully covered up to $20,000,000 leaving you with a stress free tree removal services.

In some cases, simply lopping branches from your tree or using cables to secure it in place can be the best option. It’s best to contact an expert arborist before hacking away at your trees limbs. Falling branches can be a danger to you and your property as well as causing damage to your tree and it’s future.

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