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Tree Owners Have a Duty of Care

As a tree owner, each of us has to make sure that people within our own properties are not at a risk from our trees. We all have this responsibility to make sure no one is in danger of getting hurt from falling trees or branches. This is the reason why owners should also conduct regular inspections to keep the risks in check.

Areas where duty of care is important:

  1. Public areas – Areas with public access must have little to no risk to people.
  2. Open areas – Large landowners who have many trees on their property must still do an inspection to identify high-risk areas.
  3. Residential areas – Home owners must take care of the people within their properties.

But when is a tree deemed hazardous?

Signs and symptoms may look quite obvious and simple but more often than not, these signs are difficult to pinpoint. If it has some defects in its structure, has dead, broken or decaying branches, it is considered hazardous. If they are near certain public areas like roads, sidewalks, parks or camps, even if it is a healthy tree, it is also hazardous.

There is not one tree that is totally safe. Sometimes, one may look perfectly beautiful but to an expert arborist’s eye, it may be structurally weak and needs a cable and brace against strong winds or the weight of its foliage.

Like human sicknesses, early detection, identification, and remedy of the defects of a tree will reduce the risks and maintenance costs. In effect, you will have healthier trees that will live longer and help you lower your landscaping costs. You will also reduce the risks of tree-related accidents and legal liabilities.

Hazard and risk assessment

Trav’s Tree services include Hazard and Risk Assessment of all the trees you own. We have many years of arboriculture and horticulture knowledge combined with the advancing technologies in risk assessment. These include Council Reports, expert advice for homeowners, and if need be, expert witness appearances in Land and Environment Courts.

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