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A Little Tree Maintenance Planning Goes a Long Way

Like humans, trees need constant TLC. They are the most charming part of anybody’s garden, they’re soothing to the eyes, they provide shelter to animals and are Mother Nature’s best friends. A tree maintenance program provides the proper maintenance squedual to ensure your tree remains beautiful and safe for a long time.

What is a Full Maintenance Program?

This simply refers to managing and looking after the general health and growth of trees in your property or removing unwanted and possibly hazardous ones. When they need pruning, it’s quite irresistible to do it yourself without prior experience. Or you might want to call someone who’s not qualified to do the pruning. You may do significant damage to yourself and your trees. This is why you need to call an expert arborist to do the job for you and give you a program to keep them in tiptop shape.

Trav’s provides you with a comprehensive program that guarantees complete tree maintenance to a healthy growth. This includes the following services:

  1. Prune and shape – This is done for aesthetic purposes or for keeping the structural soundness to withstand storms and strong winds
  2. Hazardous tree removal – By having trees removed, you are getting rid of dying, dead, dangerous and even the unwanted ones. The area is then cleaned and the wood can be turned into mulch.
  3. Weight reduction – By selectively pruning the ends of the branches, you reduce the density of the tree thereby lessening the strain on the trunk and improving its overall stability.
  4. Cable and brace – Cabling and bracing helps support a branch against strong winds or storms so that it doesn’t just snap off and cause injury.
  5. Crown thinning and lifting – To allow more sunlight to pass and air to flow through the canopy, crown thinning is done by removing some secondary branches. Crown lifting, however is done to raise the height of the crown and to allow more space underneath for lawns and gardens.
  6. Stump removal and grinding – This involves the removal of unsightly stumps through grinding or digging with an excavator. Grinding will prepare your area for construction or landscaping and improve the appearance of your garden. By grinding the stump, you also reduce the risk of tripping and the presence of termites.
  7. Mulching – This is turning a material (bark, leaves, wood, pine needles) into mulch to be applied on the soil of plants for growth enhancement.
  8. Clean up after a storm or major damage – This involves the clean-up of anything that has fallen or snapped off. After which, an inspection of those still standing will be done.
  9. Arborist reports – After a thorough inspection, an arborist give you a written document outlining the condition of your tree and what precautions and work must be done.
  10. Lopping – This removes large branches that may be interfering with nearby buildings or houses. Some may have been hit by lightning or other forces of nature, and will require lopping off branches that might be dangerous to people.
  11. Deadwood removal – This removes sections that are dead which may affect healthy parts. Deadwooding also protects you and your property from falling debris.
  12. Clearance – Land clearance involves the removal of trees, plants, logs and other debris to make way for land development.

Why Hire a Maintenance Professional?

By hiring a licensed arborist, you are assured that your trees will be safe, healthy and most of all, very beautiful. You can achieve this by signing up with Trav’s Tree Services provide professional tree maintenance programs to give you that peace of mind. Our arboriculture and horticulture specialists can give the best advice on a custom-made program for you. Call us now at 1800 165 405 or email us: to book an appointment today.

The benefits of having healthy and wonderful-looking trees are endless! Let’s not just take care of our trees – let’s love them!

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