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Whatever your reason for planting trees, have an expert at Travs Tree Services help you.

Common Reasons for Planting

We all know the importance of trees to our environment. They help our planet in so many ways, it’s hard to enumerate them all. You may have different reasons but the most common may be as follows:

  1. Adding beauty to your property

A tree within your property adds beauty to your home and also beautifies the subdivision or neighbourhood you belong to.

  1. Adding value to your community

Not only will they add beauty, they also add property value. Big neighbourhoods and communities with plenty of greenery attract prospective home and property buyers. Neighbourhoods with well-shaded homes are cooler. Your children will be less exposed to the sun’s UV-B rays if they can be in your community playgrounds and parks.

  1. Increasing air quality

It is well known that trees are Mother Earth’s pollutant-absorbers or air purifiers. They take in and store hazardous materials thereby reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If you’re alarmed at the quality of air in your neighbourhood, it’s another reason to start planting.

  1. Giving you savings in energy costs

Air conditioning costs are lowered by the shade provided by a tree around the homes compared to those without shade. Think of the savings you can have by just adding a few quality shade around your home.

  1. Helping in times of heavy rains

During heavy rains, trees help by soaking rain water into the ground instead of running off onto the surface, thus preventing soil erosion. Less trees will increase storm water runoffs and these overflows may lead to flooding and clogged sewers.

Thinking of adding some greens

If you’re considering adding a tree to your property, get expert advice from professionals. Trav’s services can satisfy your needs. We offer advice on arboriculture and give suggestions for the best kinds of trees or shrubs in your property. It is not only choosing the right one, but also the right place to plant. Remember, these will most likely be the main feature in your garden or home and you will want to enjoy it for years. You will have to consider some factors like the size and area to grow and how its flowers flourish. Bad choices can lead to poor health and constant treatment. We will help you with the proper maintenance and monitoring to keep them from damage and early defects. Even more bothersome are growth problems which may develop dangerous features that may be expensive and harmful to remedy in the future.

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