Obtaining Permit To Remove a Tree

//Obtaining Permit To Remove a Tree
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You’ve chosen Trav’s Tree Services for your needs and we thank you! Now, we can work together to make sure everything is in order for the needs of your property. We have the tools and the professional loppers to get the job done but you may need a permit to have trees removed before we can begin. Find out what kind of paperwork is required and how long it will take and you’ll have nothing to worry about when the time comes for us to get your property looking beautiful again.

Why Do You Need a Permit?

There’s a reason you’re calling the professionals to handle your property and it’s not only because you don’t have the time, tools, and arborists to complete the job. There is also the question of large branches and other debris falling onto or around your property as well as the noises that can be made by heavy machinery. A permit allows us to do our job and you to have the security of knowing you’re following the rules in your neighbourhood.

The laws may vary according to each location but, generally speaking, there are some reasons that apply in almost all situations:

  • A permit may dictate certain hours within work is allowed. Compliance with these hours allows everyone in neighbouring homes and communities to remain comfortable.
  • Hazardous tree removal helps everyone around your property. The process removes trees that may fall on their own and hurt people or property nearby. If not done properly, that process can go horribly wrong. A permit ensures that everything is done within safety compliance.
  • Stump removal can hold similar risks and may also require large and heavy machinery. If this is one of the services you require, you probably need a permit.
  • This kind of work can result in a lot of debris and plant matter to be disposed of. This could mean the use of a wood chipper or waste receptacle that takes up space in the street. A permit may be required for the use of the machines or to keep the receptacle on your property or in the street.

How Is a Permit Obtained?

In this day and age, many types of paperwork can be found on the Internet. Check the website for your town or province’s location to find out if what you need is available online or if you need to go to a town or city hall building to obtain the permit paperwork in person. For some permits, time to file and review the paperwork by the proper authorities can vary so find out this information when learning about what you need. This gives you the perfect window of time to book your appointment for horticulture service. Contact us today for help deciding if you need a permit and how long before your appointment you should get your paperwork filed.

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